What happens if you shoot the NEW Exotic at 100 players?

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Asking 100 players to group up together, then I fire the new exotic Burst Quad Launcher!
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  1. iFlyTy
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    Ur vids r the best

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    Ozzy fishy
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    *Nick eh 30*

  3. Ozzy fishy
    Ozzy fishy
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    Nick eh 39 loves his piece control

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    Dcg Bjj
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    Who else is here since they brought Nick skin back

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    Sam Junhammar
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    2:12 what is that huh?

  8. Sawyer Case
    Sawyer Case
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  9. Jayden
    أشهر قبل

    When he won the first game I feel so bad for the last dude

  10. Kerxo
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    I love these videos there very fun to watch

  11. EchoYT
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    Can we plz play 1 game of Arena then u can unadd me just to get a win plz?

  12. 24Ryan Hartert
    24Ryan Hartert
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    This is one of my favorites now

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    Unknown Jw
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    It's not 100 players

  14. Bara Mohana Gaming
    Bara Mohana Gaming
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    I love ur content keep going man

  15. PrakharPlayz
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    6:00 when humans use 100% of their brains

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    mark houlder
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    all game champion
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  18. Frosty Grammar
    Frosty Grammar
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    My guy really banned his fans when he griefed his own custom

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    ino _
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    Cry baby

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    Nick you make the best videos

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    doing awesome keep it up nick

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    Eh-mazing content

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    F3AR icy123
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    Hermionemoon player
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    how to crash a pc

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    Jagadish K
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    Nick eh 30 pls ❤ this comment pls

  28. Aaron Byrne
    Aaron Byrne
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    How do you do these ? Creative? Battle lab? Sorry for such a noob question 😬

  29. Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel Rahman
    أشهر قبل

    He broke the kill record with 85 kills Jk 😂 Nick just hitting clips left, right and centre The ending was too funny WOOOAH!! 😂

  30. Ragdoll Zombie
    Ragdoll Zombie
    أشهر قبل

    I noticed that in the 40 people clip there was something in the back...

  31. Jono TAVAKE
    Jono TAVAKE
    أشهر قبل

    wow did you really get 100 elimenations i dont know how to spell so yea good work

  32. 12Percent
    أشهر قبل

    Do the rocket launcher but all five vs 100 players

  33. Jett Dodgin
    Jett Dodgin
    أشهر قبل

    Other streamers 100 players well 99 Nick 100 players well 40

  34. Alfie Matthews
    Alfie Matthews
    أشهر قبل

    I know it wasn't 57 people it was 56

    أشهر قبل

    Nick eh 30 is the most happiest man on Earth🚫🧢

  36. Dkayboiz B3
    Dkayboiz B3
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    I mean Dkayboiz

  37. Dkayboiz B3
    Dkayboiz B3
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    Nick your are the most positive ARdrink/streamer to me keep up the good work hope you get to 6 million soon I'm only 8 and I would like u to add me my epic is Clay boil😀🇨🇦

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    Im the invisible boy!!!!

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    4:09 top ten rappers Eminem was scared to diss

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    My dream is to hit 1k subscribers and i’m really close help a brother out ❤️

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    Chris the Vampire Slayer
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    2:30 his face lmao

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    Ac eh 30

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    aiden wayne1208onyy
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    I'm not tryna get likes but I hope everyone stays safe

  45. Pumpkin Boi
    Pumpkin Boi
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    Bro these are my favorite videos from him. SO SATISFYING.

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    أشهر قبل

    This guy is way too good at giving everybody clean and good content and it just gives all of us enjoyment! USE CODE NICKEH30 IN THE ITEM SHOP OR ELSE.....

  48. Sweaty BoiPlayz
    Sweaty BoiPlayz
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    Hello,can you help cause chaos across the map? I’m getting more hunters to help you. I don’t trust the people that made the reboot cards.

  49. Zach Moritz
    Zach Moritz
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    6:00 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Zach Moritz
    Zach Moritz
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    5:18 satysfying 🤩

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    Mavrik Branham
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    You are amazing and keep up the good work and A-Team keep subscribing we love you all Let’s get Nick eh 30 to 6 million subs and Nick eh 30 no other ARdrinkrs going to beat you you should be called faze Nick eh 30and if you won’t to ad me it is FootBallGod85

  53. Keep safe yo x X
    Keep safe yo x X
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    Meet nick, the happiest man in the cosmos, luv u man😁😁

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    6:00 lol i think nicks actually loosing his mind lol

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    Tony G
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    Love you bro great videos

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    FNCS Karma
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    k k
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    Nick I love your videos and content is so amazing keep it up nick and I would love to play with you I’m biggest fan but keep up the good work.

  60. Kina Pieriod poo
    Kina Pieriod poo
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    It was funny when he said HES INVISIBLE HES INVISIBLE 😂

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    أشهر قبل

    nick is losing his sanity for real if you think its true like the video and like the comment . RIP sanity .just take a look at 1:42 but we still love nick doe

  62. Paula Corona
    Paula Corona
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    U should do a video on build a square by gas cans and explode the people with gas cans

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    Slapz FN
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    I use ur creator code because your family friendly and you have such a great mindset and don't rage

  64. Slapz FN
    Slapz FN
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    أشهر قبل

    Take back first place on the hearts wild community battles

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    Nick I love you I wish I could play but my fortnite account got hacked

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    Al Hamadani
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    1:36 Oh yeah airstrike from Team Fortress 2

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    Ethan Sanabria De La Cruz
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    Jocelyn Avalos
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    There's a new update. Nick

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    The good part starts at 0:00 and ends at 6:31 enjoy 🥳

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    Abdullah Aliwi
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    I like all your videos

  74. Paxton Bennett
    Paxton Bennett
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    Hey 👋🏽 nick I just wanted to say I’m a HUGE fan and every time I’m sad you make me feel better thanks bro 😎

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    supernitro cool
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    Your are Canadians

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    Tariku A
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    Gerardo H
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    FOrtnite_Pump_god Alex
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  79. Allen Ugaz
    Allen Ugaz
    أشهر قبل

    One suggestion I have if you do any videos similar to this with an explosive weapon make a box and just have the 100 players all jump into that one box

  80. Dhruva B G
    Dhruva B G
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    broo the improvement in Nick's mechanics, piece control and aim is soooo insane

    أشهر قبل

    I feel like nick is gonna let out all his rage someday

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    B Hart
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    nissan s15 1999
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    hasan shahid paracha
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    Gavin Forrester
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    DaRk WoLf
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  95. YOU are the best!
    YOU are the best!
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    Donald trumps Special

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    Tomas Tooaln
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